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Welcome to – a blog where i share my little knowledge about Tech related Stuffs specially defined for beginners.

My name is Karthickeyan , a 17 year old student and a wanna-be Pro-blogger. I am glad that you took time to land on this page to know something about me and Madlygeek in general.

I have currently Graduated my High School from Sunbeam School in Vellore. I really hope that one day, with the support of you guys, we could make this blog stand out from the competition, in providing quality to the loyal reader, that we have.

Interest To Passion
Back in grade 5, i dreamt of becoming a webmaster. The feeling that kept bugging the entire years was to own a website. Blogs weren't main stream yet.

There was one of my friend who used to show his website (free hosting one-Didn't knew back then ). I was like super impressed at then, with his efforts. It was not that i really wanted to do 'something' with the website, but the phrase "making a website" really inspired me.

Then it wasn't 4 years back i guess, when i first search the phrase "how to create a free website" and it showed up a numerous free Hosting Sites like the and Then I started a Website,There was so much to learn.

I wasn't less than a vulture, when it came to getting the most of out my day, to get to reach my destination. I had to get my words out to the world with 'MY very Own' website.

Was so fancy back then.

Then one year back, i found Blogger and WordPress. This was the beginning of my online adventure.

Passion To Profession

Now after a whole long year, with the support and feedback of you guys, we are here with Madlygeek, a blog with ever increasing community. We recently faced Google's Panda Update, and honestly it was quite a set back to the blogs search engine traffic.

But again, we never gave up and moved further with as a community.

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