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Saturday, 8 June 2013

View Locked Profile Picture on Facebook-Enlarged View

Hey MadlyGeek Readers,
We're back again with a new trick on how to view an enlarged image of a locked profile picture on facebook.

Offcourse, It's a bit old one But Still I'd like to Share it for our Loyal readers who doesn't know about this trick

So Here we go :) :)

Step #1:Visit any profile whose profile picture is locked

Step #2:Right click and Select "Open Image in  new tab"

Step #3:In the below URL., remove the highlighted text and HIT Enter.

remove the "/s160x160" alone

TAdaaaanNNNNNn :D :D
Thats it.
You will get the original resolution of the locked Profile pic.

Hope you liked it
"Disclaimer:The account ID and the picture taken is completely random, This picture will be removed on Owner's request."