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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Send Fake Emails to prank your friends

Hey friends,

I was in a Vacation Trip for a month and Back again to Work from Now., So Sorry for Not Updating the site for a past few Days.

I just got an Awesome Trick for many of our Readers who are interested in Knowing How to Send free anonymous and fake E-mails to anyone in the world.

NOTE:I or the staff of madlygeek's does not take any responsibility if you use this tutorial in unethical way. This is written to help you to beware of whats going around, and save your self by not being hacked!

Well there is a Simple one-step Work to Send fake emails to prank your friends,
Though there are lots of Sites which allows users to Send free anonymous Emails, I personally Prefer This website for its Simple and Easy to use interface with the Advanced features available that u can never see in any other Free fake Email Service.,
Also This Website Doesn't need any Registration to Send Emails, Just go to the Website and Start Sending Mails..

1.Go to this website CLICK HERE

2.Enter any Email ID in the "From E-mail" Textbox.
3.Enter your Friend's mail ID in the "TO" Textbox can set the Priority as "High" "Medium" or "Low". Also you can Set the Date to be Displayed on the mail the recipient receives.
5.Enter the Captcha and Click on "Send"

That's All :)

    **********THINGS TO REMEMBER BEFORE YOU USE IT.************

1) These kind of Tricks are mostly used for Social Engineering where an Attacker redirects a Person to a Phishing Web Page( fake Login Page) disguising himself as a trusted Source.,
So be Careful whenever you are asked to Go to a Particular Link Stated in a Mail.

2) When Trying to Send fake mails as a Famous Sender like , etc etc., The Mails are Probably be Considered as SPAM by most of the Email Provider., Sometimes these mail are Deleted before reaching the Receiver in Gmail (As far I have tested).

3)you can Use this Trick to Prank your Friends. [ONLY FOR THAT]

I m not Responsible for any kind of Compensation or be Sued for any kind of Violation You do.

I will Definitely make another Post on HOW TO FIND AN EMAIL WHETHER IT IS FAKE OR ORIGINAL.

Hope you  liked this Article., 

Saying Thanks will not take much time.

Any Queries Post your comments here :) :)




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