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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How to identify whether an email is real or spoofed ?

Hey Guys, In My Previous Post We learned HOW TO SEND FAKE EMAILS TO ANYONE,
After that Post, Many Started Digging me How to Distinguish between the Real mail with the Spoofed one.

Well that is So Easy to Find out.

 This can be done by checking headers. Email headers is simply the text which contains the information about the mail servers that the email encountered in its path from the sender to receiver. It contains a lot of other information too.

Note: I am just telling you a few points about this so that you would just get an idea about the approach. This may or may not depend on some factors.

We can view email headers in gmail by clicking at 'show original', and In yahoo by clicking at 'Full headers' and such kinds of options in other email service providers.

If  you get an email displaying sender's email like,, .You must not Blindly Confirm it is from a Real Sender

I will show you by an example, I received three emails in my gmail inbox from sender's address ""  Sender's address shows me that they should have been orignated from gmail/google server, if they would be real.

Note : There is a field called "Return-path" in headers.  If the email ID shown in this field and email ID you get as sender's email ID doesnt match, then the email is surely fake.

Have any Queries on the Working of Email System.,? Do leave back your Comment

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