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Friday, 11 May 2012

Instant portable / mobile Photo Printer

 Polaroid Po Go

Polaroid Po Go is a instant portable/mobile printer .

 It uses Zink (Zero Ink) printing technology to support Modern Digital Cameras.Polaroid Po Go is operated by a small battery. This mobile photo printer allows us to print photos by connecting Mobiles and Cameras with the help of Bluetooth connector . We can also print photos when the printer is charging.

 The  printer has to be loaded with Zink sheets the sheet comes in a pack consisting 10 sheets . But the printer is capable of holding 30 Zink sheets .

The printer weighs just 230 grams !
And the machine measures120mm x 72mm x 23.55mm. .The NEW Polaroid Po Go and it's Zink technology will change the future way of printing .

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S.Santhosh Nagaraj


  1. Po Go....., What a Weird Name, But this is Seriously Awesome.., Do mention the Price of this gadget and also the place of Purchase if Possible..
    Nice sharing +1 for your post :)

  2. Hey dude it is available online but the cost varies from site to site .. costs less in one and more in another


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