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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Your smartphone could make you sick

Our increasing reliance on smartphones is making us more prone to diseases because they are dangerous breeding grounds for bacteria, doctors have warned.

According to doctors, the combination of a cellphone's close proximity to your ears, nose and mouth with its bacteria-loving warmth, means people are exposing themselves to germs that are harmful to their health.

Tests have found that smartphones typically carry as many germs as the handle of a bathroom door, and common illness that can be caught include the flu, diarrhoea and eye infections.

The studies point to a lack of proper hygiene and adequate hand-washing by smartphone users.

The type of germs found on your cellphone can also be found on other everyday devices including computers, keys, pens and landline phones.

However, the risks are greater from cell phone usage because people are so attached to them and take them everywhere including their bed, the treadmill at the gym and restaurant tables.

Smartphones carry an abnormally high numbers of coliforms, a bacteria indicating fecal contamination.

Of the eight phones tested by HML Labs of Muncie, Ind., there were between about 2,700 and 4,200 units of coliform bacteria. In drinking water, the limit is less than one unit per 100 ml of water.

For some of the bacteria, you only need to ingest as few as 10 organisms to get sick.

"We're feeding the little creatures," the Daily Mail quoted Michael Schmidt from Medical University of South Carolina as telling WSJ.

"We've all seen that greasy smear [on the touch screen]. Where there is grease, there are bugs," he said.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nokia Lumia 510 brings Windows Phone to lower price points

Bright 4-inch display and signature Lumia experiences in Nokia's new entry-level Windows Phone

Finland - Nokia today announced the Nokia Lumia 510, a smart and modern entry-level smartphone. Featuring a bright, 4-inch display, the Nokia Lumia 510 makes the unique benefits of Lumia and Windows Phone even more affordable.

"With the Nokia Lumia 510 we continue to meet our commitment to bring Windows Phone to new, lower price points," said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices. "People who use Windows Phone quickly realize how much more intuitive it is than other smartphone platforms, and Nokia Lumia is the best embodiment of the Windows Phone experience. With the Nokia Lumia 510 we're looking forward to welcoming more people into the Windows Phone experience."

Following on from the success of the Nokia Lumia 610, this latest addition to the Nokia Lumia range comes in five vivid colors for a fun and personal way to enjoy Windows Phone.

Windows Phone is different to other smartphone platforms thanks to Live Tiles, making it easy to see incoming messages and updates; People Hub, which brings together contacts and updates from across social networks into one location, and access to Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer 9 on the mobile.

Unique Lumia experiences also make the Nokia Lumia 510 unlike any other entry-level Windows Phone. Downloading the Camera Extras app provides exclusive digital lens functionality to go with the five megapixel camera and built-in autofocus. Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport also offer the most comprehensive smartphone location and navigation experience available.

The Nokia Lumia 510 will be available in red, yellow, cyan, white and black. Nokia estimates the retail price for the Nokia Lumia 510 to be around USD 199 [INR 11,000], excluding taxes and subsidies. Sales are planned to begin in November 2012, starting with India and China, and followed closely by other Asia-Pacific countries and South America.

Product specifications:

Nokia Lumia 510
Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5
Display: 4-inch WVGA 800x480
Capacitive Touch Screen
Battery: 1300 mAh
Processor: Snapdragon(TM) S1
Main camera: 5MP Autofocus
Memory: 4GB mass memory (no memory card slot)
Freebies:7GB free SkyDrive storage



Thursday, 30 August 2012

Samsung Unveils Series 5 Ultrabook With Touch Screen

Among the veritable smorgasbord of new Windows 8 systems unveiled today at IFA is the latest iteration of Samsung's Series 5 ultrabook.
While it's slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor, the new model's dimensions and processor nonetheless fall well within the ultrabook parameters as defined by Intel. On first blush, the updated model looks like a dead ringer for its predecessor, with a svelte profile wrapped in an attractive aluminum chassis. The similarities continue until you notice the Windows 8 sticker on the right side of the palm rest. As your eyes continue drifting upward, they'll eventually settle on the critical ingredient that sets the Series 5 apart from its forebears: the touch screen.
Although the 13.3-inch display looks exactly like the previous edition, it's actually a capacitive touch screen. Clearly, Samsung is betting on the assumption that flipping, pinching, and swiping through Windows 8's tiled interface will make for a more intuitive and fluid user experience. Users wary of Window 8's new layout won't be left in the dark, either, as Samsung will include a utility that allows Windows 8 to replicate the familiar start menu and control panel seen on all of its earlier versions. This feature will be made all the more accessible since the new Series 5 will also sport the same touchpad seen on previous models.
Like its predecessor, the new Series 5 ultrabook features a fairly lean port selection. The right side sports dual USB 2.0 ports and a multiformat card reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC). The left side, meanwhile, sports a USB 3.0 port, a mini VGA port, and a full-size HDMI port. Purchasers have the option of choosing either a Corei5 ($799) or Core i7 ($899) configuration for their system.
The revamped Series 5 ultrabook will be released in conjunction with Windows 8 on Oct. 26.



Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins

This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. Initially, the security company that protects the facility said the trucks were in the wrong place, but minutes later, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) received a call from Samsung CEO explaining that they will pay $1 billion dollars for the fine recently ruled against the South Korean company in this way.

The funny part is that the signed document does not specify a single payment method, so Samsung is entitled to send the creators of the iPhone their billion dollars in the way they deem best.

This dirty but genius geek troll play is a new headache to Apple executives as they will need to put in long hours counting all that money, to check if it is all there and to try to deposit it crossing fingers to hope a bank will accept all the coins.

Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of “geeks with style” and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.

"You can use your coins to buy refreshments at the little machine for life or melt the coins to make computers, that’s not my problem, I already paid them and fulfilled the law.
A total of 20 billion coins, delivery hope to finish this week."



Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hack Yahoo Accounts using Session Cookies

Hey Friends,

One of my Friend thought this Trick to hack into any Yahoo Account using Session Cookies or Session ID's

So What is Session Cookies or Session ID's?

Describing it in Simple Language., These Session cookies are nothing but a unique piece of String generated when one Sign in to his Account. One of the Copy of this Cookiesis Stored in the Website Database Server and other copy in our Browser as Cookie. Both are matched every time whenever we do anything in our account. This piece of string or login session is simply destroyed when we click on the 'Sign Out' option.

Note: when I mention Stealing Session or Stealing Cookies Both means the Same., Sessions are stored in our browser in form of cookies.

What Actually happens is An Attacker convinces the Victim to Run a Piece of Code in his Browser. Attacker uses this Stolen Session into use without the need of Entering any Username/password.,

This method is uncommon because once the Victim Clicks on "Sign Out" button., The Cookies are Automatically Destroyed and the Attacker obviously gets Signed out from  the Victim's Account.

But in case of yahoo, its not the same.The attacker doesnt get signed out when victim clicks 'Sign out'.
This is the Big Advantage for many hackers to hack into Other's account.Though the session automatically gets destroyed after 24hrs by yahoo. But when user simply refreshes the windows in yahoo account, he gets sessions for next 24 hrs. This means, once the yahoo account session is stolen , attacker can access the account for life time by refreshing window in every 24hrs. I am not actually sure whether its 24 or 48 hrs.

NOTE:I or the staff of madlygeek's will not take any responsibility if you use this tutorial in unethical way. This is written to help you to beware of whats going around, and save your self by not being hacked!


#1. Download the Files from here

#2.Sign up to any Free Web Hosting. In this tutorial i will be using, 

#3. Login to your account and go to file manager. Upload the four files that you have just downloaded. Make a new directory 'cookies' here.

3. Give this code to victim to run in his browser when he would be logged in to his yahoo account. Yahoo.php is basically cookie stealing script and hacked.php executes the stolen cookies in browser.
Stolen cookies get stored in directory 'cookies'

*In this Blue Colored line""., enter the link of the yahoo.php file that you have uploaded.
He would again be redirected to his yahoo account.

4. Open the hacked.php . The password is "madlygeek"

You must have got the username of victim's account. Simply Click on it and it would take you to inbox of victim's yahoo account without asking for any password.

Now it doesn't matter if victim signs out from his account, you would remain logged into it.

Note: You can try this attack by using two browsers. Sign into yahoo account in one browser and run the code. Then sign in through other browser using stolen session.

If you have any Queries, Leave your Comment below., I will help you ASAP :)



How to identify whether an email is real or spoofed ?

Hey Guys, In My Previous Post We learned HOW TO SEND FAKE EMAILS TO ANYONE,
After that Post, Many Started Digging me How to Distinguish between the Real mail with the Spoofed one.

Well that is So Easy to Find out.

 This can be done by checking headers. Email headers is simply the text which contains the information about the mail servers that the email encountered in its path from the sender to receiver. It contains a lot of other information too.

Note: I am just telling you a few points about this so that you would just get an idea about the approach. This may or may not depend on some factors.

We can view email headers in gmail by clicking at 'show original', and In yahoo by clicking at 'Full headers' and such kinds of options in other email service providers.

If  you get an email displaying sender's email like,, .You must not Blindly Confirm it is from a Real Sender

I will show you by an example, I received three emails in my gmail inbox from sender's address ""  Sender's address shows me that they should have been orignated from gmail/google server, if they would be real.

Note : There is a field called "Return-path" in headers.  If the email ID shown in this field and email ID you get as sender's email ID doesnt match, then the email is surely fake.

Have any Queries on the Working of Email System.,? Do leave back your Comment

I will reply to you ASAP :)




Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Intex launches Aqua 4 at Rs. 5490, Competing with Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Intex has launched a new Dual SIM smartphone in Indian market at a price of Rs. 5,490. This low cost phone seems to be a perfect answer to the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102, which is today available at Rs.8660.

A comparison of features of these two smartphones reveals that at Rs. 3,000 less Intex Aqua 4.0 definitely proves to be a better choice. Both the Intex Aqua 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos run the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The Intex model runs on a 800MHz processor while the Duos runs on a slightly higher 823 MHz processor. Customized for the Indian market the Intex Aqua comes with support for both Hindi and English, while the Samsung model only supports English.

*Here is a comparison of features of these two models:*

1.Operating System:

*Intex Aqua 4.0 : Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system.


*Intex Aqua 4.0 : 512 MB ROM, 131MB internal memory which could be extended to 32 GB via a microSD.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : 512 MB ROM, 290 MB RAM and 2GB internal memory which could be extended to 32 GB with a microSD


*Intex Aqua 4.0 : 800 MHz
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : 832 MHz


*Intex Aqua 4.0 : 3.5-inch (8.89 cm) full touch HVGA with a resolution support of 480x320 pixels.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : 3.1 inch (8 cm) capacitive touchscreen 262K Color TFT, with a resolution of 320 x 240.

5.Language support:

Intex Aqua 4.0 : English and Hindi languages
Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : English

6.SIM Type:

*Intex Aqua 4.0 : Two- GSM + GSM
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos :Two- GSM + GSM

7.Connectivity support:

*Intex Aqua 4.0 : 3G, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, 5.76 Mbps HSUPA, GPRS/WAP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPRS, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and microUSB v2.0


*Intex Aqua 4.0 : 3 megapixel primary camera and a 0.3 megapixel front camera.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : Single 3.15 megapixel primary camera, with Geo-tagging feature.

9.Pre-loaded apps

*Intex Aqua 4.0 : Music player, sound recorder, pushmail, video capture, mobile tracker, calendar, notes, alarm, calculator, traffic monitor, Gmail, Flipkart, Facebook, India Rail, Google Maps, Nimbuzz, Skype and YouTube.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration, Google play, Samsung App store, Google Maps


*Intex Aqua 4.0 : Three sensors – gravity, light and proximity sensors. With these sensord the phone could adjust brightness of the screen, auto-detect and turn off the screen during calls, control outflow of infrared, while consuming little power.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : Accelerometer, proximity sensors and compass


*Intex Aqua 4.0 : 1,400 mAh Lithium ion battery which could offer a talk time of up to 3 hours and a standby time of up to 140 hours.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : 1,300mAh Lithium ion battery

12.Colors availability:

*Intex Aqua 4.0 : Two colors - Black and white.
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos : Black


*Intex Aqua 4.0: Rs.5490
*Samsung Galaxy Y Duos: Rs.8660



Belle Refresh out for Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7

Hey Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01 and X7 users,
You have got a Exciting News,
you can Now upgrade your devices to Nokia belle refresh and get exiting new features for your devices.

Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia has announced the roll out of the Nokia Belle Refresh upgrade for Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01 and X7 smartphones. The most expected and long awaited Nokia Belle refresh upgrade offers a improved options, personalisation choices and performance for the devices. The roll out has been announced by Nokia through its Official blog.

Symbian Belle Refresh upgrade brings some exciting features to the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01 and X7 smartphones.

* you will get a brand new browser which now is armed with improved support for HTML5 web apps. ,

* there will also be a new set of home screen widgets added to the menu for all the devices for enhanced functionality.

*There will also be an addition of Microsoft Office Mobile app for all the devices that will offer turbo charged productivity and much enhanced compatibility with other Microsoft based apps as well.

*There will also be the addition of the all new Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 for better and flawless navigation which has been the key for Nokia Maps so far.

Along with that Nokia N8 owners will also get a few extra imaging-related apps as to do justice to the world's favorite imaging smartphone alive today, second after the Nokia PureView 808 launch.



Send Fake Emails to prank your friends

Hey friends,

I was in a Vacation Trip for a month and Back again to Work from Now., So Sorry for Not Updating the site for a past few Days.

I just got an Awesome Trick for many of our Readers who are interested in Knowing How to Send free anonymous and fake E-mails to anyone in the world.

NOTE:I or the staff of madlygeek's does not take any responsibility if you use this tutorial in unethical way. This is written to help you to beware of whats going around, and save your self by not being hacked!

Well there is a Simple one-step Work to Send fake emails to prank your friends,
Though there are lots of Sites which allows users to Send free anonymous Emails, I personally Prefer This website for its Simple and Easy to use interface with the Advanced features available that u can never see in any other Free fake Email Service.,
Also This Website Doesn't need any Registration to Send Emails, Just go to the Website and Start Sending Mails..

1.Go to this website CLICK HERE

2.Enter any Email ID in the "From E-mail" Textbox.
3.Enter your Friend's mail ID in the "TO" Textbox can set the Priority as "High" "Medium" or "Low". Also you can Set the Date to be Displayed on the mail the recipient receives.
5.Enter the Captcha and Click on "Send"

That's All :)

    **********THINGS TO REMEMBER BEFORE YOU USE IT.************

1) These kind of Tricks are mostly used for Social Engineering where an Attacker redirects a Person to a Phishing Web Page( fake Login Page) disguising himself as a trusted Source.,
So be Careful whenever you are asked to Go to a Particular Link Stated in a Mail.

2) When Trying to Send fake mails as a Famous Sender like , etc etc., The Mails are Probably be Considered as SPAM by most of the Email Provider., Sometimes these mail are Deleted before reaching the Receiver in Gmail (As far I have tested).

3)you can Use this Trick to Prank your Friends. [ONLY FOR THAT]

I m not Responsible for any kind of Compensation or be Sued for any kind of Violation You do.

I will Definitely make another Post on HOW TO FIND AN EMAIL WHETHER IT IS FAKE OR ORIGINAL.

Hope you  liked this Article., 

Saying Thanks will not take much time.

Any Queries Post your comments here :) :)



Saturday, 30 June 2012

Temple Run: Brave


From Imangi, the makers of Temple Run, and Disney comes a new take on the most exhilarating app. Join Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave as you run, slide, jump, turn and shoot your way across the wilds of Scotland on an endless running adventure

Features Of Temple Run: Brave

• Introducing ARCHERY – tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins
• New, amazing visuals. It looks better than ever!
• All new environments inspired by Disney/Pixar Brave and the wilds of Scotland
• Play as Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave
• Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory
Bonus: Download Temple Run: Brave and start running with $.99 worth of coins for FREE, that’s 2500 coins for power-ups and more!


Also includes all the great features from Temple Run:
• Simple swipe and tilt control that are easy to use and just feel right
• Level up your character and use crazy power-ups
• Endless play!


Ankush Singee

Nexus 7 Live Wallpaper (Jellybean) Free Download

Customizable Live wallpaper based on the latest JellyBean (4.1)theme


* Elegant subtle animations
* Background reacts to touch
* Adjustable animation intensity
* Show highly customizable digital clock *NEW*
* HD Graphics
* Customizable background color to match your phone exterior
* Works best on modern HD/Large resolution phone (Eg: Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, HTC One S/X, etc.

== How to Apply Wallpaper ==

  • Go to your wallpaper manager, tap Live Wallpaper. Choose "Nexus 7 Plus Live Wallpaper". Tap on the settings to customize it!

*Galaxy Nexus users please be aware that this wallpaper might lag on the phone due to the hardware limitation on that device.

This Is the Live Wallpaper Of Nexus For the Upcoming Android 4.1 Jellybean.

Download File:Nexus 7 Plus Live Wallpaer (Jellybean)


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Google Nexus 7" Tablet will be Unveiled This Week

With Google's developers conference just days away, more details about a tablet with the search giant's brand expected to be announced at the event have begun to leak out.

The latest details of the device, the Nexus 7, come from an apparent training document about the slate obtained by Gizmodo Australia.

If the details in that document are accurate, it appears that the Google tablet will be positioned squarely at Amazon's Kindle Fire. According to Gizmodo, Nexus 7 will be a 7-inch tablet with low-end pricing -- $199 for an 8GB version and $249 for a 16GB version. However, other sources report more aggressive pricing, such as $159 or $177.

By comparison, an 8GB Kindle Fire costs $199. While the tablet was a hot item during the holiday season, its popularity has been waning. A new version of the slate has been rumored for months, but nothing has appeared on the horizon yet. If a new model is introduced, pricing on the old model could sink to $149.

Nexus 7, which appears to be similar to a tablet displayed by Asus at this year's Consumer Electronic show, will reportedly also have a 7-inch display with a slightly higher resolution than Fire's -- 1280 by 800 compared to the Amazon product's 1024 by 600.

At the heart of Nexus 7, Gizmodo reported, will be a Nvidia Quad Core Tegra 3 processor running at 1.3GHz. It will also have a GeForce 12-core graphics processor.

In addition, it will have the latest version of the Android operating system, "Jellybean" 4.1. The leaked document also says Google will be responsible for all future operating updates for the device. In its agreements with phone handset makers, the OEMs are responsible for updates, not Google, which has been a source of problems for the entire ecosystem.

By comparison, Kindle Fire supports a restricted version of Android.

Nexus 7 will also supposedly have nine hours of batter life, a front-facing 1.2MP camera, 1GB of RAM, and support for NFC for Google Wallet and Android Beam.

Wireless connections through a cell phone network apparently won't be part of the Nexus 7 repertoire.

Google's decision to make a play for the low end of the tablet market could be a good one. According to one report, it's expecting to ship three million units by the end of the year. If it announces its slate this week, it'll beat Amazon's upgrade to Kindle Fire to market, and it won't be pinching Apple's turf, nor providing potential competition to Microsoft's new Surface tablet line. In addition, it'll be entering a segment of the market with a hunger for an all-purpose, low-priced tablet, a hunger, as Amazon discovered during the last holiday season can ignite high volume sales.



Monday, 25 June 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Coming up Next

Google has just dropped a hint regarding Google's next Android version which is reportedly named as Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The hint was revealed when it was spotted at Google Play Store.

The latest Android version which is Android 4.0 a.k.a Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been released for almost a year now and it has brought considerable improvements to the Android OS. This latest update for Android is expected to bring about more improvements and tweaks so that users could maxmize their Android-based gadgets. Here are some of the rumored improvements with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean:

*User Interface

Android ICS has brought about major improvements in terms of user interface for Android-based devices. It is reported that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean would bring more improvement in user interface. Such improvements include a new search bar with transparency, a new background image, and changes in the clock feature.

*Dual Booth with Chrome OS and Windows 8

There are rumors that Android Jelly Bean would be able to support dual boot with other types of OS. More particularly, Google's Chrome OS. There are other reports suggesting a more complicated OS which is the recently launched OS, Microsoft's Windows 8. This is a very large undertaking if ever this is going to push through and it would have a major effect in the development of smartphones and tablets in the future.

*Siri-type Feature

Siri, the popular virtual assistant is one of the features that most Android users would want in their mobile phones. This is the reason why there are rumors that Android is also coming up with their own Siri-type feature. The release of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean might be the perfect time to launch this new feature.

Google has not yet confirmed or denied these rumors about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Despite that, the listing spotted in the Google Play store indicates that the unlocked HSPA+ version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be the first smartphone to utilize Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

VLC Player Coming Soon on Android

Hey Friends,
The much awaited VLC Media Player app for Android is Coming Soon to Google Play store and is expected to be available for download in the next few days.
The VLC app for Android devices is still in beta stage and is easily one of the most awaited Android apps.
Quite like its very popular desktop version, the Android app will also feature as a universal media player.
Here's a list of features that VLC for Android is expected to have:
- Play almost all types of media file formats
- Audio and video media library, with full search
- Support Android from 2.1 (Eclair) up to 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
- Support for network streams
- Gestures, headphones control
- Subtitles support, embedded and external, including ASS and DVD subtitles
- Multi audio or subtitles tracks selection
- Multi-core decoding, for Cortex-A7 A9 and A15 chips
- Experimental hardware decoding
The VLC for Android has been under development for over a year now and an unofficial build was posted online in March this year.
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HCL planned to launch a new 3G tablet for Rs. 18,000

HCL Infosystem has Planned to Launch a ( 3G) tablet PC in August this year for around Rs. 18,000.
"The code name of the product is Y2 and it will be launched in August," said Gautam Advani, Executive VP and Head Mobility, HCL Infosystems Ltd.
He further added that the company enjoys 15 percent market share in the overall tablet market while in the sub-Rs. 10,000 category, its share is around 50 percent.
HCL Infosystems entered the tablet market with the Introduction of 'ME Tab X1' at Rs. 10,990.
The company launched another tablet called 'U1' which was  priced at Rs. 7,999.
"Advani said ME tablets have been in the market for eight months now and the company is getting good consumer response for them"
HCL Infosystems on Tuesday launched two models under its Beanstalk range of All-in-One PCs in a price range of Rs. 37,908 - Rs. 33,696 and smart series laptop at Rs. 20,990. 
"HCL Infosystems has a strong tradition in consumer computing products and today with the unveiling of the first set of consumer computing 2012 products we are taking another significant step as a manufacturer of computing devices," said Princy Bhatnagar, VP and Head Consumer Computing, HCL Infosystems Ltd.
Asked if the company will bid for manufacturing 'Aakash 2', the enhanced version of world's cheapest tablet PC, Advani said the company can decide only after seeing specifications for the upgraded version.
Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal had said that specifications for 'Aakash 2' would be out by the end of June.
'Aakash' was launched in October last year by Sibal.
It comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,276 only whereas high-end tablet PCs cost anything between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 40,000.
However, ever since the launch, the project has been running behind schedule.
'Aakash' is be supplied to students at a subsidised rate of Rs. 1,500 and the government is keen to launch the upgraded version at similar prices as its predecessor.

Source: NDTV 
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Friday, 15 June 2012

Tablo Tablet Pc Review.

So after spending many months researching android tablets, and looking for plenty of bang for my buck I came across the tablo tablet pc.

So after much deliberation I plunged for the tablo and for £99.00 ($153) with what seemed to be a good spec, I was looking forward to the tablo arriving !

Full specifications & Videos

  • CPU:Cortex A8 1GHz
  • RAM:512MB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage:4GB Flash 
  • Display:7" Capacitive Screen with 3D Output
  • Features: Wifi + HDMI Supported
  • Flash: YES, Flash 10.3 Supported
  • Front Camera: YES (Video Conferencing)
  • OS:Android 2.3 (Upgradeable to  android 4.0 ICS)
  • Weight - 360g
  • Battery Life - Up To 5 Hours
  • Warranty - 12 Months 
  • Battery -3600mAh


Screen: 7” capacitive display

HDMI port – having plugged the tablo in to a monitor via HDMI I was impressed with the resolution and how easily the tablo copped with running from two screens.

Battery backup – With a couple hours of uninterrupted charging time the tablo will give back 2-3 hours of surfing and playing games.

Micro USB – It easy to transfer data such as videos, music and pictures via a laptop or desktop to the tablo.

Wifi – Wifi is very good with a very good range, it’s much better than some other cheaper tablets on the market, it connects quickly and supports 3g connection.

Memory Support– Can support up to 32GB, I have a 16GB card in mine which runs and hold all data well, the tablo can access all files from SD card easily.


Android 2.3 – Runs very well on the tablo ( can be upgraded to 4.0 ICS)

Google Play – Already coming with the full google play market it is easy to download thousands of application quickly.

                                           My opinion:

The tablo offers a rather nice 7” capacitive display which is very responsive, It glides through home screens and pages with ease. Running Android 2.3 the tablo offers an easy to navigate screen which for the first time tablet users can feel great handling it.
Playing games on the tablo is good with a  large range of choice from the Google play market, but compatibility can be an issue with few complex games that require a more powerful CPU making them laggy and slow. Simple games like angry birds and fruit slice run really well on the tablo and with the responsive screen it makes for a positive gaming experience.

Sound quality is adequate when playing music and videos, from the one speaker on the back, but when pushed to its maximum volume it can get a little crackly and unpleasant to listen to - so dont't turn it up !Video is excellent when transferred directly on to the tablet, though when watching some videos online ie: youtube, it can be a little laggy depending on internet connection. Resolution overall is good for a lower cost tablet and with a bright display it makes a welcome change from some devices which challenge your eyes. Portability is good with the tablo as it is relatively light in weight and pretty small in size. Build quality is very good and the tablo feels very solid in hand, but the buttons on the front of the tablet do feel a little bit cheap, making a loud clunky sound.

Browsing the internet on the tablo I have to say is excellent, with pinch to zoom capability it makes surfing the internet and checking your email very easy and is a big plus point for this tablet.


  • Sound quality is adequate but not great. 
  • Buttons on the front of the tablo function well but have a cheap feel.

Otherwise the tablo is excellent value for money !

So if you want a reliable tablet with decent features and spec, I would recommend this tablet.

I did a quick review video when it first arrived so here it is in action:


Alice Pearson

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

MTS launches Android Smartphone @ Rs.8,999

MTS, has announced MTS MTag 401 Android smartphone with a Price Tag of Rs. 8,999.

Features & Specifications:

Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Display Size: 4.0-inch capacitive touchscreen

Display Resolution: 800x480 resolution

CPU:800 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor

Battery:1700 mAh battery.

Primary Camera:3MP camera on board

External Memory :microSD card slot with support up to 32 GB [MTS is also offering a 2GB card with the purchase of this smartphone.]

According to the telco, MTS TV application will come pre-loaded on this smartphone, which allows users to watch more than 100 TV channels on the move. Moreover, MTS is also offering unlimited intra-operator calls and unlimited data usage for three months but to avail the same, the subscriber will have to do a first time recharge of Rs.8.

Commenting on the launch, Leonid Musatov, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, MTS India, "It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch yet another advanced smartphone from MTS. MTS MTag 401 comes bundled with unlimited "All You Can Use" data plans and local MTS to MTS Calls available in both prepaid and postpaid and is positioned for discerning on the move, tech savvy youth."

MTS also plans to launch a 7-inch tablet in the Indian market. The company has not shared the exact availability or the pricing right now. However, it will be running on Android 2.2 and MTS plans to offer a host of bundled apps and free data along with this tablet.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

[100% working]Free Unlimited Calls anywhere using your Computer


I am So Excited to Share with you an Awesome Website which provides free Calls anywhere in the world using your Computer

But Disappointingly, It is limited to 2 calls per day.

Now I am gonna Show you How to use this Service for Unlimited free calls anywhere in the world..
Trust me., It works

1.Visit this Link CLICK HERE

U will See something like this.

Use the Two free calls given,

2.Download this tool CLICK HERE

3.Open the Software which You have Downloaded and in the Connect to DropDown box Choose Any Country., And make it as Change Every 1 minute,

Do exactly as given in the Pic

4.Click on Connect .

5.Now open Incognito Window in Google Chrome or Inprivate Browsing in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

This is to delete the Browser Cookies and Cache Files automatically instead of Doing it manually.

For Incognito Window on Chrome, Do as seen Below.

And Now Open the Website and Enter the Destination Number with the Country Code.

For india: 91...............

Everytime Keep on Changing the IP Location and Enjoy Unlimited Phone calls for Free.

Share your Views and Like us on Facebook 

Thats all.
Enjoy the hack

Dont forget to Say Thanks. :D
Any Queries , Put it in our Comment Box.
I will Reply you ASAP.



Thursday, 7 June 2012

Increase RAM of your Android

Increase RAM (root needed)If you feel that your phone is getting slower and laggy, It shows that there is lack in memory.

There is app that can fix it and its SWAPPER

It actually transfers the background running apps like media, contact, etc to the memory card...

Thus making some RAM free for your phone to breathe

You can download it here

Palani Selvaraj

Neo V Update 4.0.4

Sony Has released it new 4.0.4 Update for Neo v
The previous version had many bugs in wifi and bluetooth and these bugs have been fixed in the new version!!
You can update using OTA, i would recommend using wifi for downloading updates

Before you update please note that you cannot root without unlocking bootloader as of older version (4.0.3)

So if u want to root, root it before the new 4.0.4 update.

And the phone has improved its stability too :D

Happy Updating!!

Palani Selvaraj

Monday, 4 June 2012

Hack Windows Administrator Password Easily [100% Working]

Today I am gonna Show you the Easiest Way to Hack Windows[ Any version including Xp,Vista 7 or whatever] Administrator Password.

NOTE:I or the staff of madlygeek's does not take any responsibility if you use this tutorial in unethical way. This is written to help you to beware of whats going around, and save your self by not being hacked!

[Note: This method Can also be used for PC running Linux OS]


1.Download this Utility KonBoot 

2.Extract Files from the Archive and Open KonBootInstall.exe file.

3.A command Prompt will Open as in the image below.

4.Insert a Pen Drive to your PC and Enter your USB Drive Letter.( "I" is the Drive Letter for Mine) and Press ENTER.

5.You can see the image as Below

6. That's it.., Now Shut down your Password Protected Computer and Restart.

7. You will see a Menu like this Enter, next you will see like this

9.Now In the Login Box, Just Press Enter, you need not Type Any Password.

Voila !! You have Successfully Logged in to Windows 7 Admin Account without any password.

[Note: This method Can also be Used for PC running Linux OS]

Note: This is Just for Educational Purpose. I am not Responsibility for any Damaged caused by the Hack @ any Circumstances.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chaze mobile launches "Chotu" for Just Rs.1099

Chaze Mobile has just Launched its new feature phone in the market called the 'Chotu' (Hindi for small), The new feature phone is supposed to feature decent multimedia capabilities for a very low price of just Rs 1,099.
Isnt That Amazing??
While this may not appeal to everyone, there is a big audience for phones like these, which is why you see so many of them in the first place.
The phone features a fully rubberised keypad making it durable and strong and even a bit water resistant which can resist light splashes of water on the keypad area. It’s a dual-SIM phone Supporting  GSM netowrk.
Despite its size, the phone also features an expandable memory card slot which can accommodate memory cards up to 4GB. "We are very pleased to introduce yet another multi-utility handset to the Indian consumers," said Mr. Keshav Arora, CEO, Chaze Mobile. You also get a dual charging point socket and a phonebook capacity for up to 500 entries.
"With an aim of bringing technology to the common man, the brand Chaze has been envisioned to deliver ultimate consumer satisfaction by offering a wide range of mobile handsets positioned at true value proposition and best of the feature attributes. The offering of 'Chotu' is a step towards bringing the same ideology to the masses and is envisaged as the answer to all the mobile needs of our consumers," he added.
The phone also features 
*Auto Call Recorder
* Dual charging points for a quicker charge 
*FM Radio 
*1.3 megapixel camera
*mobile tracker
*private data protection
*built-in torch 
*multi-format music player  
*Supports web apps like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. through the Chaze Smart Zone.

With a Price Tag of just Rs.1099 , I assure, You will not repent for your Every Buck Spent for this Awesome Lowest-end Phone..
It has a Huge Pack of Entertainment,Utility,Apps,Games etc. And offcourse Its a Phone :D 

Friday, 1 June 2012

How to Insert Images On Facebook Chat

Have you ever thought of Inserting a picture directly onto the Facebook chat!!
Well ! There is a solution for That.,
Follow the Steps.. Here We Go :)


* Go to this link

*A page as shown below would open

*Upload The file by clicking over "choose file" button

*Enter the Captcha And click over "Upload Now" Button

*Then select "show codes"

*Then copy them to your clipboard and paste it on your chat bar and hit enter!!

Thats it :D


Palani Selvaraj

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Xperia Acro S Full Specs & Video

Xperia acro S Full Specs & Video

* Display:4.3-inch 720p HD Reality Display

* Primary Camera:12MP camer a

*Secondary Camera: 1.3MP

* Video: Full 1080p HD video recording and 720p HD front camera

* Feature: Scratch resistant mineral glass display

* Processor: 1.5 GHz dual core processor

* RAM: 1GB

* Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

*Battery: 1910 mAh

*Memory: Internal 16GB expandable upto 32GB

Hands-on Video

MG Rating:9/10

Xperia Go Full Specs & Video

                         Xperia Go Full Specs & Video

 * Display: 3.5-inch Reality Display

* Camera: 5MP with LED flash

* Features:   =>Scratch resistant mineral glass display

                   => Dust and water resistance

* Processor: 1GHz dual core processor

*RAM: 512MB

*Operating System: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) upgraded to Android 4.o ICS

* Battery: 1305 mAh 

*Talktime: Upto 6hours on 2G, and Upto 5hours on 3G

*Memory: Internal 8GB expandable upto 32GB

Hands-on Video

MG Rating 8/10

Sony Announces 2 Water Resistant Xperia smartphones Phones

Sony has added two new smartphones in its Xperia Range , Xperia go and Xperia acro S. Both the smartphones are waterproof and dust-proof Both the smartphones are expected to be launched globally in the Q3 of 2012

Sony Xperia go has a brilliant 3.5 inch Reality display and has a 5MP camera. It has a 1GHz dual core processor and runs on Android 2.3 OS. The device is upgradeable to Android 4.0.

Sony Xperia acro S will be Sony's first smartphone to come pre-loaded with Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The smartphone features a 4.3 inch screen, 12MP rear camera that supports full HD video recording. There's 1.5GHz dual core processor and HDMI TV connectivity.

*For Xperia Go Full Specs & Video Click Here

*For Xperia Acro S Full Specs & Video Click Here