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Saturday, 12 May 2012

How to Create a Unnamed Folder?

Hey People.,

Many of us Wonder why cant we create a folder with no name in it..

The Answer is Actually YES., Seriously
Now, you can create a folder unnamed.

First of all Try yourself Creating a Folder Unnamed.,

The Answer must be "Sorry I cant"

Today I am going to teach you a Simple Trick to Play a Prank with your Friends betting them to Create a folder Unnamed.


#1. Create a Folder

#2.Right Click---> Rename or click on the Folder and press f2 key.

#3.Use backspace or Delete Key to erase the Default name.

#4.Press ALT+0416 simultaneously and Press ENTER

Eureka., You have Successfully Created an Unnamed Folder.

Enjoyed the Trick.

Don't forget to say THANKS.




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